Tether Reveals Reserves May Not Always Be Fully Backed By USD - 20th March 2019

Binance Coin has Tripled Over The Course of 2019 - 18th March 2019

Ripple’s Xpring and Forte Invest $100m Fund to Support Blockchain-Powered Gaming - 15th March 2019

IBM Makes a Move into Cryptocurrency Custody - 14th March 2019

An Interest-Earning Stablecoin is to be Launched by the Universal Protocol Alliance - 13th March 2019

The ECCB to test a Blockchain-Based Central Bank Digital Currency - 12th March 2019

NetCents to Facilitate Cryptocurrency Banking through Launching a Crypto Banking Stack - 11th March 2019

IOTA Could Soon be Used to Automatically Pay for Fuel - 8th March 2019

Ethereum ETP goes Live on Swiss Exchange - 7th March 2019

MidChains is Seeking to Launch Crypto Exchange in Abu Dhabi - 6th March 2019

Opera Cryptocurrency Wallet Soon to come to Opera Touch for IOS - 5th March 2019

Byte Of The Month - March 2019

Japanese Banking Giant to Launch Digital Currency Service - 22nd February 2019

The Cryptocurrency Markets Receive An Injection Of Almost $15bn In Two Days - 21st February 2019

Bitcasino adds Support for Litecoin Adding it as a Currency Option - 20th February 2019

GardaWorld Providing Cold Storage and Digital Asset Custodian Services for Alt 5 Sigma - 19th February 2019

New Report Exploring Japanese Central Bank Digital Currency Released - 18th February 2019

Largest Foreign Exchange Bank in South Korea Files 46 Blockchain Related Patents - 15th February 2019

NASDAQ Soon to Add Two Cryptocurrency Tracking Indices - 14th February 2019

MyEtherWallet Launched Version Five of its Web Wallet Platform - 13th February 2019

CoinStats to Launch Guaranteed Mobile Hardware-Rooted Crypto Wallet - 12th February 2019

The US SEC Addresses and Reaffirms Guidelines on ICOs - 10th February 2019

Bytes Of The Month - February 2019

Fidelity Investments Plans to Launch its Bitcoin Custody Service in March - 5th February 2019

Kaspersky Has Released a Survey Revealing Cryptocurrency Adoption - 4th February 2109

B2C2 Have Received Authorisation to Offer Cryptocurrency Derivatives in the UK - 1st February 2019

Binance To Accept Credit Card Payments for Cryptocurrency Purchases Using Simplex Processor - 31st January 2019

Physical Bank Notes Could be Introduced to the Republic of the Marshal Island’s Digital Currency, The SOV - 28th January 2019

Leaked Images for Samsung’s Galaxy Suggest Expectations for Crypto Wallet - 25th January 2019

Getting to Grips with Ethereum’s Upcoming Hard Fork - 22nd January 2019

HSBC Settles $250 Billion Worth Of Foreign Exchange Transactions Using Distributed Ledger Technology - 15th January 2019

Bytes Of The Month - January 2019

Ledger Boosts the Storage on Nano X Crypto Hardware Wallet - 11th January 2019

13 New Financial Institutions Have Signed Up for the RippleNet - 8th January 2019

New York State Assembles Cryptocurrency Task Force - 4th January 2019

Happy 10th Birthday Bitcoin! - 3rd January 2019

Time Magazine Reports Why Bitcoin Matters For Freedom - 31st December 2018

What Crypto is Best? – Part 3 - 29th December 2018

National Bank of Kuwait Uses Ripple-Based Cross-Border Payments  - 28th December 2018

What Crypto Is Best? – Part 2 - 24th December 2018

The Bitcoin and Altcoin Bullrun Has Gained Momentum. - 20th December 2018

What Crypto Is Best? Part 1 - 19th December 2018

Böerse Stuttgart Group to Offer BTC and ETH in 2019 - 14th December 2018

Are Point Of Sale Systems Needed For Retail Adoption Of Cryptocurrencies? - 11th December 2018

Bytes Of The Month - November 2018

Native American Activism: Using Divestment as a Strategy - 19th November 2018

Central Banks Of Canada, UK & Singapore Consider CBDC For Cross-border Payments - 16th November 2018

First XRP-Based Exchange Is Launched - 23rd October 2018

Goldman Sachs Invests in Crypto Custodian BitGo - 18th October 2018

Could the People's Bank of China Persuade the Chinese Government to Introduce a Yuan-Pegged Stablecoin? - 17th October 2018

OKEX Announces the Listing of Four Stablecoins - 15th October 2018

Gemini Has Gained The New York Watchdogs Approval To Add Litecoin To Its Listings - 12th October 2018

GMO Internet Is Scheduled To Launch A Japanese Yen-Backed Cryptocurrency - 10th October 2018

Could the People's Bank of China Persuade the Chinese Government to Introduce a Yuan-Pegged Stablecoin? - 9th October 2018

Drivechain, a Solution to Bitcoin Hardforks - 4th October 2018

Binance invests $2.5 Million into Australian Start-up TravelbyBit - 3rd October 2018

Dukascopy Bank Plans to Launch Own Cryptocurrencies - 2nd October 2018

London Block Exchange Announces Plans to Launch a GBP Pegged Cryptocurrency - 1st October 2018

Institutional Platform SFOX Introduces Litecoin Trading - 28th September 2018

SBI Holdings Announces Plans to Issue a Coin for Settlement - 27th September 2018

Bitcoin Start-up Veem Secures Investment Led by Goldman Sachs and Google - 26th September 2018

Ether Options Could be Coming to the LedgerX Platform - 25th September 2018

Caspian Has Partnered With Coinbase To Bring Trading Tools To Investors - 24th September 2018

Creator of Ecash David Chaum is Developing a Blockchain Platform - 21st September 2018

Bitfinex To Introduce New Decentralised Exchange Ethfinex Trustless - 20th September 2018

Is Traditional Banking 120x More Expensive Than Using Cryptocurrencies? - 19th September 2018

AirFox has Partnered with Via Varejo for Payments Solutions - 18th September 2018

SBI Holdings to Release Payment App Powered by Ripple Distributed Ledger Technology - 17th September 2018

COTI Launches AlphaNet Of It Block-less Blockchain, Trustchain - 14th September 2018

Bank of Canada Explores Blockchain-based Settlement for Asset Trading - 13th September 2018

Seed CX Acquires further $15m in Funding For Trading Platform - 12th September 2018

Gemini Exchange is Launching Its Own USD-Pegged Stablecoin - 11th September 2018

Digital Asset Receipt: A new concept for Investing in Cryptocurrencies by Citigroup - 10th September 2018

CoinGate to Bring the Lightning Network to Thousands of Merchants - 7th September 2018 a Hong Kong Blockchain Start-up to Issue First Cryptocurrency Visa Debit Cards - 6th September 2018

Blockchain World Wire: IBM’s Initiative to Clear and Settle Cross-Border Payments - 5th September 2018

Robinhood Exchange Introduces Candlestick Charts and Discovery Tool - 4th September 2018

Paytomat to provide NANO with Point of Sale Application for Payments - 3rd September 2018

Blockchain Scalability Concerns - 31st August 2018

Terra Alliance Receives $32 Million in Funding to Develop Stablecoin - 30th August 2018

Blockchain Asset Exchange Platform KuCoin Has Listed Tron (TRX) - 29th August 2018

Bank of America To Offer Crypto Custody Service - 28th August 2018

NetCents to Introduce Crypto Credit Card - 27th August 2018

Treon to Bring Equality throughout utility payments to the World’s 1.7 Billion Unbanked - 23rd August 2018

Shinhan Bank and KT Telecom have partnered to develop Blockchain Platform - 22nd August 2018

Ripple Introducing xRapid to Exchanges to Increase Liquidity Using XRP. - 21st August 2018

New Protocol Wormhole to Bring App Development to the Bitcoin Cash Network - 20th August 2018

Binance Set to Introduce Education Initiative to Encourage Public Understanding of Blockchain - 17th August 2018

The FCA’s Plans to Collaborate with Organisations for the Development of a Global Financial Innovation Network - 16th August 2018

Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinsquare Adds Ripple To Its Listing - 15th August 2018

The European Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs Published Draft Report on Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) - 13th August 2018

TradeLens, A Blockchain Shipping Initiative Introduced by a Partnership of Maersk and IBM - 10th August 2018

CryptoCompare Enters Partnership with Thomas Reuters For Market Data Aggregation - 9th August 2018

The State Of Ohio Signs Bill To Promote The Use Of Blockchain Technology - 8th August 2018

New Cryptocurrency service infrastructure to be created by Boerse Stuttgart Group - 7th August 2018

Mobius Could Make Ethereum Anonymous in a Similar Way to Monero - 3rd August 2018

Coinbase Hires New Chief Compliance Officer, Jeff Horowitz - 1st August 2018 Releases New Development Tool, Demux - 31st July 2018

Coinbase Has Introduced An E-gift Card, A New Way For Customers To Spend Their Crypto - 23rd July 2018

Gibraltar’s Cryptocurrency Exchange Opens Trading To The Public With Six Cryptos - 23rd July 2018

HSBC Is Now Considering Looking Into Crypto Investments - 16th July 2018

The UK Poised To Be At The Forefront Of The First Cryptocurrency Economy - 16th July 2018

Where To Buy Bitcoin Securely In The UK - 9th July 2018

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