Kaleido Enterprise Tools

By Jamie Green – Crypto Expert

Blockchain leader Kaleido has launched dozens of new enterprise tools with new capabilities and features to take the B2B collaboration further for businesses that wish to modify their core payment systems, commerce rails, supply chains, cross-industry processes, and financing. These tools can be used to assist a business with determining the best opportunity for selling Bitcoin or cashing out crypto.

Companies are looking to start a large-scale digital transformation and collaborate in fresh ways to use blockchain's shared ledger technology.

The new B2B stack of Kaleido, the core component of its Blockchain Business Cloud, which is backed by new hybrid deployment and asset tokenisation services, provides companies with a fundamental platform required to power their modern business networks in the latest ecosystem economy.

Participating in one of these new business networks can provide a competitive advantage such as differentiated new revenue streams, an ownership stake in new business models and operational improvements. A business could utilise a cryptocurrency developed by another project for some of the unique features and exchange crypto to cash more efficiently.

According to McKinsey’s research, a set of new digital ecosystems could result in more than 30% of global corporate revenue or more than $60 trillion in revenue by 2025. Now, these upcoming ecosystems of interconnected businesses will change conventional industry borders where companies will develop partnerships and alter the value of their chains.

Ever since launching at last year’s Consensus conference, Kaleido has accomplished what it promised in its mission, which was to simplify and speed the enterprise journey just so companies could benefit from decentralised technologies.

Kaleido has provided blockchain-based solutions to some of the most globally renowned brands including Sony, City, Fox, T-Mobile, Heineken, UnionBank, Shell and more. These solutions are ingrained deeper into the business than just to exchange Bitcoin for products or services.

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