New Cryptocurrency service infrastructure to be created by Boerse Stuttgart Group

Boerse Stuttgart Group have recently announced plans to create more cryptocurrency infrastructure for their services after the launch of their BISON trading app. The infrastructure will support an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) platform, custody for cryptocurrencies and a multilateral trading venue. The increased availability could induce more to buy Bitcoin.

Boerse plans to create an end-to-end infrastructure for digital assets, all part of its pursuit for the digital transformation of financial markets and products. Boerse Stuttgart Group has comprehensive knowledge in trading models, technology and regulation so it believes that they can offer services all in one place. Boerse wishes to become an advocate for cryptocurrencies, promoting acceptance and setting the standards for quality, transparency and reliability. Many are looking for a trusted Bitcoin broker to buy cryptocurrency.

The BISON app is scheduled for release sometime this autumn to promote market access allowing for secure, simple and free trading of cryptocurrencies. The Boerse Stuttgart Group will expand to the ICO market with a new platform after the successful launch of the BISON app. The platform will facilitate the issuance of tokens as well as performing standardised and transparent processes for the authenticity of projects. The majority of ICO projects fail due to a multitude of reasons, perhaps Boerse is trying to induce crypto buying by bringing legitimacy to the market.

Whilst developing the BISON and ICO platform, the group is creating a regulated, multilateral trading venue for cryptocurrencies in which tokens issued through the ICO platform will become tradable. Many tokens do not have the functionality or liquidity after the ICO for success. The Boerse Stuttgart Group are entering the market aggressively with the aim of creating end-to-end infrastructure for digital asset services across the entire Blockchain industry.

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