Binance To Accept Credit Card Payments for Cryptocurrency Purchases Using Simplex Processor

By Mark Lemon – Crypto Broker

A producer of blockchain smart card wallets, Tangem, has proclaimed they are set to issue the banknotes to the sovereign (SOV) - the world's first decentralised digital national currency. Once issued, SOV, along with the U.S. dollar, will become the official currency for the Republic of the Marshall Islands allowing citizens to buy cryptocurrency for daily purchases.

The SOV cryptocurrency is built upon blockchain technology which permits quick, cheap and worldwide transactions with resistance from corrupted and negative actors. The Tangem/SOV partnership is intended to make sure all residents of the Marshall Islands have honest and fair access to their digital currency, even if these citizens have no access to the internet allowing them to sell and buy crypto with greater security. The bank notes enable off-chain physical circulation of the SOV by use of an immediate transaction confirmation and zero fees resulting in less stress on the RMI’s infrastructure. As a result, users can buy and sell cryptocurrency offline making it more accessible.

The Tangem cards are to take the form of original banknotes with blockchain microchips, enabling advantages to using paper banknotes with the added security blockchain technology brings. The secure notes are to be fully transparent with 100% security, representing a governable mechanism of currency issuance.

Tangem has been producing cheap blockchain-enabled smart card wallets for cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, ICO / TAO tokens and alternative blockchain-based digital assets like concert tickets & in-game currency. Producing these cards is enabling further crypto buying as they have a specific function. The cards can be simply scanned with an NFC-enabled smartphone to check the validity of the asset, boasting high grade EAL6+ protection for any cryptocurrency.

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