Accepting Bitcoin Payments

At BC Bitcoin we are now offering businesses the opportunity to accept Bitcoin payments quickly and easily through our Bitcoin payment gateway.

Your company could potentially be the only business in the area to accept payments in Bitcoin. It could attract new customers looking to use Bitcoin to purchase goods or perhaps just looking for an easy and effective way to sell their Bitcoin.

With law firms, estate agents, banks and companies like Microsoft, Expedia, Subway and Amazon now starting to accept Bitcoin payments it is only a matter of time before Bitcoin becomes a common payment method.

Stand out from other businesses by being the first to accept Bitcoin payments. Sign up with us today, no costs involved, no contract, no tie ins, you have nothing to lose.

Why would customers prefer to pay in Bitcoin?

We are getting increasing requests from companies with customers looking to pay for goods and services in crypto. Here are some possible reasons for this:

  • They bought Bitcoin when the price was much lower and so are now looking to sell at a profit.

  • It is not easy to sell Bitcoin and the fees for doing so can be quite high. This is a perfect opportunity to cash out some Bitcoin for a relatively low fee

  • Some people prefer their financial transactions to be anonymous. Bitcoin is a perfect asset to preserve their privacy and anonymity.

  • Customers may benefit from Tax savings from buying direct from Bitcoin instead of selling it and paying Tax from the profits. Current C.G.T bands; 20%/40%/45% on Cryptocurrency.

  • Difficulties in sending large financial transactions through the banking system.

How could it benefit my company to accept Bitcoin payments?

As mentioned, your company could potentially be one of the first businesses to accept Bitcoin so it could attract customers looking to sell their Bitcoin in exchange for goods.

Additional profit margins – You can charge customers a premium on invoices paid using Bitcoin and you will receive this premium in addition to the customers invoice.

Our customers regularly ask us if we know of companies where they can spend their Bitcoin, we will be advising our customers of all businesses which adopt our Bitcoin payment gateway.

By offering Bitcoin as a payment method there could be opportunities of gaining media exposure;

You may recall hearing in the news a few months ago that the first house in the UK was sold in Bitcoin! You could potentially be one of the first business of your kind to accept Bitcoin payments and perhaps make the news.

How it works?

Here are some important points and a simple guide to how it works:

You do not need to understand how Bitcoinworks. We take care of everything for you.

You are not required to handle the Bitcoin yourself. We accept the Bitcoin payment.

You are not exposed to any fluctuations in Bitcoin price. This is covered within our 2% fee.

You receive a GUARANTEED bank transfer for the exact amount of the customer invoice.

Process explained in 5 simple steps:

  1. Your customer asks if they can pay for their invoice in Bitcoin.

  2. You confirm that they can, you ask us for a Bitcoin amount for the customer to pay.

  3. We provide you with a Bitcoin amount to pay – Valid for up to 2 hours.

  4. The customer transfers the Bitcoin to us and we confirm receipt of coin.

  5. We immediately transfer you the EXACT amount of the customer invoice.

The complete process can take less than 15 minutes. From the moment you ask us for a Bitcoin amount to pay to when you receive the invoice amount into your bank account.

We charge the customer an additional 2% on top of the total cost of their invoice to cover our costs.


Customer Invoice: £1,000

Price in Bitcoin: £1,020 equivalent

You receive: £1,020

Bitcoin usually takes 5-10 mins to arrive after being sent and transactions are irreversible so as soon as we have received the Bitcoin we will make immediate payment to your account by UK faster payments. You should have the full invoice amount in your account within 15 minutes.

Transaction complete!

Pricing Structure:

Accepting Bitcoin payments could not be easier. There are 2 pricing structures by which you could accept Bitcoin payments:

  1. Pass on our 2% processing fee to the customer.

  2. Charge customers a premium for this service and you profit from the difference.

The first option is self-explanatory. We simply quote you an amount of Bitcoin 2% above the customer invoice and you receive an immediate bank transfer for the exact value of the invoice.

With the second option you can decide what premium to charge your customers for this service. As an example you could charge customers say a 5%/10% premium to pay in Bitcoin, we would still only charge our 2% fee and would transfer you the invoice total PLUSthe extra % premium as per your request.

How can I accept Bitcoin payments?

There are no fees to sign up with us, and no transaction costs. You will simply receive the exact amount of the customer invoice (plus additional premium if applicable) upon receipt of your customer’s Bitcoin payment to us. We will always send payments to you instantly by UK faster payments.

All you need to do is let us know that you are willing to accept Crypto payments. We will send you our welcome pack which includes various stickers/signs stating that your company accepts Bitcoin payments, as well as information for you and for your customers explaining how it works.

There is no contract to sign and no tie in period. As a business you can only benefit from this new and exciting proposition.

What businesses can start accepting Bitcoin?

Any business would be eligible to start accepting payments in Bitcoin. However our minimum payment is currently £500 so this option would only apply to customers exceeding a £500 spend.

Our payment gateway is available worldwide and we can transfer payments to your company in Pounds, Euros or Dollars but please be aware that only our GBP payments can be sent by instant bank transfer. Euro and Dollar payments usually require 1 business day to be received into your account.

Which customers would be eligible?

Any customer currently holding Cryptocurrency who may want to sell some of their coins or perhaps use it to buy goods. Alternatively, customers who may not currently own Cryptocurrency can purchase this through us and in the same manner we will credit you with the invoice amount. This way the customer can still potentially benefit from tax breaks and preserve their anonymity.

Our company

BC Bitcoin was established in 2017 and we are now recognised as one of the premier Cryptocurrency Brokerages in the UK.

You can see from our Trustpilot reviews that we are a trusted UK Brokerage. We are based in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire and customers are welcome to visit our offices to make the transaction in person or they can call us to discuss our service in more detail.

Contact us to start accepting Bitcoin payments TODAY through our Bitcoin payment gateway.

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