Cold Storage

At BC Bitcoin we offer our customers peace of mind with our secure Cold Storage solutions for Digital Assets.

  • 100% Secure, and Protected Cold Storage

  • Biometric Security– Computer Verified

  • Multi-Signature Dual Release

  • Secure Multi Location Holdings

  • 24 Hour Time Safety Delay

We guarantee your coins from the moment we receive them until such time as you request them. We are liable for 100% of coins in our custody and are fully contracted to ensure that regardless of what happens your coins are safe.

Custody Charges

0.5% Deposit Entry Fee

0.75% Annual Management Fee (Pro-Rata)

0.5% Exit fee

All fees are deducted from your total holdings and charged upon withdrawal. You can Buy, Sell, Exchange & Withdraw Crypto Assets in Cold Storage at any time. If you would like to arrange this servicem please get in touch with us via Contact us.

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