How cheap is BC Bitcoin compared to other Bitcoin Brokers?

At BC Bitcoin we aim to be the cheapest Bitcoin and Alt coin Broker anywhere! We offer highly competitive rates and would definitely price match any other site if you believe their prices are cheaper. Our live prices are transparent through the website unlike other Cryptocurrency Brokers who hide their fees in currency conversions, deposit costs, withdrawal costs or by baking in extra fees in the selected coin base rate. Please compare our prices and you will see that BC bitcoin offer you the best prices anywhere and we offer you the best and most bespoke service on buying or selling your coins.

Why is BC Bitcoin cheaper than other Brokers?

As a relatively small Brokerage we are able to offer a bespoke service to our customers as well as highly competitive pricing when compared to other Crypto Brokers. Where other Brokers include fees in the base rate of the coin, we get you the best rate we can find for your coin based on a basket of different exchanges and liquidity providers to ensure you always get the most amount of coins for your money.

How many coins will I receive for my money?

The buy coins page gives you an accurate quote based on the price of your selected coin at that time and will be executed using this guide price as soon as your payment has been received.

So for example if you decide to buy Bitcoin, have a UK bank account and you wanted to spend £5,000 on buying Bitcoin, you would pay £5,200. Let’s assume that the guide price stated that Bitcoin was trading at £5,500. Usually a UK payment would be instant and so we would see your payment arrive and immediately execute your order and you should therefore receive a little more or less than the initial guide price, dependant on Bitcoin fluctuations. So in this instance you would receive 0.9 Bitcoin sent to your wallet address provided.

What Payment methods are used and accepted?

At BC Bitcoin we support a wide range of payment methods when using our services. We accept all SEPA, SWIFT, Bank Transfers & Wire Transfers when sending payments to our account. If you have a specific method in mind for funding your account, please get in contact with us and we will consider adding it.

When cashing out coins we make payments in the form of SEPA, SWIFT, International Bank transfers & Wire transfers.

How fast are payments received?

UK - Same Day *

EU - Next Day *

Non EU - 1-2 Business Days *

*Based on usual timeframes on payments sent during UK business hours 9am – 5pm. Although banks may occasionally hold funds for longer whilst they carry out additional checks.

What are your business opening hours?

Typically our business hours are:

Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm (UK Time)

Although we will try to accommodate customer orders on weekends and outside of business hours where possible.

Who pays the Mining Fees?

We pay for all mining fees on Bitcoin purchases only, other alt coins usually have a very small mining fee, but some are disproportionately expensive and so unfortunately, we cannot cover the costs of alt coin mining fees.

What are Mining Packages?

We offer our clients the opportunity to purchase the coins they require to activate their Bitclub network mining packages. Clients are required to already have an account with Bitclub in order to purchase these mining packages. We are not associated with Bitclub Network, we just assist their clients to purchase the cryptocurrency they need for their mining packages.

What is an OTC Desk?

Our OTC (Over-The-Counter) Desk is where we accommodate our high net-worth clients and our institutional Buyers and Sellers. Through our OTC desk we on-board clients and aim to match them up with counter parties who can take large volumes of coins at pre-agreed prices. Our OTC desk is a perfect solution for our corporate and institutional clients looking to Buy or Sell large volumes of Bitcoin as we have access to various liquidity pools.

What Coins can I buy or sell through your site?

We are currently listing all the main coins such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple but we also offer nearly all of the TOP 100 coins as listed on Coinmarketcap such as EOS, IOTA, Tron, Stellar, and NEM to name just a few. All listed at highly competitive prices and with full assistance given to set up wallets as required to store your desired coins.

How can I contact BC Bitcoin?

We are surely the easiest Bitcoin Broker to contact anywhere. Our contact numbers are listed on every page, you can email us, contact us through live chat, Telegram, Skype, WhatsApp. You can call us on a landline or through our mobile number. You can even contact us just for help with understanding Cryptocurrency or help with setting up a wallet. One of our dedicated team are always on hand to help out.

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